• Maintenance Management System
  • Coal Management System
  • Boiler Operation Analysis and Coal Blending Tool
  • Corporate & Planning MIS
  • Intelligent Optimization Solution
  • Safety Monitoring System
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Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System is simple, easy-to-use web-based application which can help any Power Plant to increase asset life, track maintenance costs, prevent and predict asset failures, improve labour productivity, reduce costly downtimes, minimize investments in inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.

By using the application Power Plants can set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedules for facilities and equipment. Followings are the key features of the system:

  • Web based Application
  • Cost Effective Technology Utilization
  • Computerized Management System
  • Break Down, Preventive, Predictive & Outage/Service Maintenance
  • Work Management Tools
  • Work Scheduling
  • Material & Resource Planning
  • Work Planning
  • Operation, Maintenance Team Work
  • Work Order
  • Preparation & Issue of PTW
  • Strong Reporting Tool & Analytics Like MTBF, MTRR, Why Why Analysis etc.

Coal Management System

In a Thermal Power Plant Fuel cost accounts for 30 to 40% of Total Generating Cost. In most of the thermal plants, all processes of fuel accounting works in isolation so integrated monitoring system is an important tool to the management team.

As market conditions change and technologies evolve, today’s markets demand a more efficient data collection process and more accurate results to support business in making accurate, smart and reliable decisions. Via Vitae Solutions helps power plant owners, operators in the power industry to make better-informed business decisions on the performance and operational readiness of their equipment. Coal Management System is an important module of EnergyTrigger developed by us. The tool integrates all processes and gives a clear visibility of the entire system. Followings are the key functionalities:

  • Rolling Plan or Demand Forecasting as per generation target
  • Contract Management with different coal companies
  • Logistics to maintain day by day colliery wise Loading Weight, Unloading Weight, Short Receipt, Missing Wagons, Unconnected Wagons, Vessels details, Transportation Charges etc.
  • Coal Sampling for testing
  • Coal Testing as per NABL guide line
  • Strong Reporting Tool & MIS
  • Smart Analytics

Boiler Operation Analysis and Coal Blending Tool

Present Coal Market dynamics and Sourcing constraints are compelling utilities to burn "ANY COAL" as available to sustain generation. Apart from sourcing constraints utilities are faced with Multiple challenges like efficiency, reliability, emission norms and safety. The great variability of the properties and composition of the different coals impose tremendous operational difficulties and requires innovative approach to operation strategies.

The Software tool is useful for Consultant/Utility to carry out advance fuel Change/Coal blending sensitivity/operation study so that utility can adopt a proper strategy for reliable and efficient operation of their plant.

Corporate & Planning MIS
- Web based MIS. Faster and better decisions

EnergyTrigger’s MIS Solution offers MIS for day-to-day decision-making at operator level and information support to Top Management. It covers a wide range of reports and analytics in the areas like Generation Output, Outages, PAF,PLF, Heat Rate, Auxiliary Consumption, Fuel Consumption, Ash production & Utilization, CEA report, Environmental and Safety management. By automating the entire process of MIS you can get -

  • Timely, accurate and reliable information – coming directly from the field devices through SCADA/ DCS/ PLC/Database integration
  • Visually-intuitive and real-time view of plant performance using Charts, Graphics and other dashboards
  • Wide range of MIS Reports for varying analysis needs – Drill Downs, Graphical Reports, Tabular Reports, Formatted Reports, and Configurable Dashboard etc.
  • Target VS Actual MTD-QTD-YTD wise report.

Improve power plant efficiency & reliability using an intelligent optimization solution
- Improve process efficiencies & reliabilities. Use scientific planning methods.

EnergyTrigger’s performance module is a process optimization tool, it can improve power plant availability, reliability and efficiency with rule-based predictive modeling of processes using scientific methods like fuzzy logic and regression analysis, and artificial intelligence techniques like neural networks by directly integrating

The Software tool is useful for Consultant/Utility to carry out advance fuel Change/Coal blending sensitivity/operation study so that utility can adopt a proper strategy for reliable and efficient operation of their plant.

Safety Monitoring System

Safety is of paramount importance to any PowerStation. Power generation plants pose an array of hazards risks associated with power generation can be mitigated through safe work practices. In the power generation industry, it’s especially important for employees to be trained in proper safety working procedure and culture. So safety MIS is very important to the key management.

Safety Monitoring System is web based portal to keep records of safety related activities of a power plant or any other organization dealing in hazardous environment, with proper and necessary documentation. By using this portal, entire records can be managed through a RDBMS and generate monthly or yearly reports for safety department personnel and other management. Few more features are also available in the system like Upcoming Events, Bulletin Board, Gallery, Location wise search of safety related activities, Safety Document Repository and many more to add on. With this module you can get-

Target Vs Actual Report (MTD-QTD-YTD Wise): 1. Workshop. 2. Communication Meeting. 3. Training. 4. Site Audit. 5. PPE Audit.

Few other important incident reports like- Near Miss, FAC, LWDC & Fatal etc.

Knowledge & Innovation Portal

In modern day business scenario knowledge & innovation portal is an important part of any business organization. It is important to have a system to capture individual and miscellaneous knowledge across an organization in structural platform. It is a portal where one can contribute technical articles, share innovative ideas and training materials. Not only sharing knowledges – this portal can be used as e publication platform of the organization as well, periodical newsletters, in-house magazines or journals, research and development papers and encourage the grass-root level innovation of the organization.


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